A La Carte (October 18)

Blessings to you today.

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ChristianBook.com is having a pre-Christmas sale with lots of good deals including: New Morning Mercies and Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul Tripp, One Faithful Life by John MacArthur, and Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller.

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(Yesterday on the blog: There Are Different Kinds of Tired)

How Do People Shipwreck Their Faith?

How do people shipwreck their faith? John Piper offers five different ways here.

There’s No Growth without Death

“I’m sure you’ve heard good Christians say things like I want to know God more this year. I want to be more prayerful. To read my Bible more regularly. To be more committed at church. Perhaps even give more. The problem is like with many new year resolutions they don’t see beyond February. Why? Because with most good intentions we don’t really think they have a cost.”

How To Be Gracious When Haters Gonna Hate

How can you be gracious when the haters are hating? Mark Ward has some ideas.

What to Say to Someone Suffering like Job

Eric Ortlund: “The book of Job does not directly tell us how to address Job-like suffering. But I think we can sketch what a helpful answer would be, if we take an approach exactly opposite from his friends.”

Sent ones

This article speaks about sending off and letting go.

When Is It Wrong to Complain?

I think we’d all agree that some complaining is wrong and some is not. This article helps distinguish between them.

Flashback: Pastoring Is So Much More Than Preaching

Can a shepherd care for his flock if he doesn’t know his flock? Can he be faithful to his charge if he doesn’t really know his sheep? Can he keep watch over all the flock if he is not familiar with the individual lives and challenges of the flock?

What should surprise us is not that God would judge sinners (that actually makes sense) but that he would save any of them. Heaven, not hell, is the real mystery of Scripture. —Michael Kruger