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Westminster Books is offering a great discount on a beautiful new edition of a true classic—Charnock’s The Existence & Attributes of God.

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The Four Quadrants of Church Life in the Gray Zone

“By summer of 2021, like many churches, our people started emerging from the pandemic more regularly, but they weren’t emerging in the same way that they went into it. And even though it was time to rev the engine of church programming again, we experienced no small amount of emotional or attendance resistance to normal church programming that we had offered in the past.” This leads to quite an interesting reflection on effective church programming.

5 Myths about How We Got the Bible

This article addresses some common myths about how we got the Bible.

Golden Bowls Filled with Prayer

“Revelation gives us a fascinating picture of golden bowls filled with our prayers at the throne of God. What is this telling us? Why would our prayers be presented this way? Let us look at the basic biblical interpretation of this passage and then close with one point of speculation.”

Wise Anger

Not all anger is good because not all anger is wise. “The Bible teaches us to be careful around anger. It’s often been said that ‘anger’ is one letter away from ‘danger.’ So, how can we be more cautious with our anger? How can we steer away from foolish and unjustified anger? At the same time, how can we ensure there’s a place for wise and justified anger in our lives?”

Algorithmic Money Faucet

Chris explains why Instagram has made some significant changes and why it is making so many people unhappy.

What the Gospel Says to Those Who Suffer

Christina Fox describes what the gospel says to those who are enduring a time of suffering.

Flashback: 5 Bad Substitutes for Discipline

As a Christian parent you will want your children ultimately to choose good behavior for its own sake. If you habitually bribe them you are effectively denying the child the opportunity for finding out that good behavior is its own reward.

Jesus cannot fit around our lives, brought in when he’s convenient. He’s either Lord of everything we have, and are, and ever will become—or he is not. —Rebecca McLaughlin