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A La Carte (October 23)


Today’s Kindle deals include books on abortion, marriage, and a few other important topics.

(Yesterday on the blog: Young Christian: Give the Lord a Lot to Work With)

A Warning for Parents: Instagram is Full of Porn

Here’s one for parents to consider. “Many parents may be unaware of this, but Instagram is actually one of the most prominent social media offenders in regard to the proliferation of pornography. Recently, Forbes actually did a break-down of just how much porn is on Instagram—and how easy it is to access it.”

The Greatest Danger for a Missionary Kid

“For a missionary kid there is a danger that is greater than all of the snakes, malaria, and violence combined. A friend who grew up on the mission field once told me that missionary kids often end up on fire for God, or atheists. Generally speaking, you are not going to find lukewarm missionary kids. What would lead to extreme responses in missionary kids?”

God Doesn’t Accept Us as We Are

“We’re not blameless before God, so God gives us blameless substitutes. The lamb in the Old Testament foreshadowed the Lamb in the New Testament, who through one sacrifice put an end to all sin-sacrifices saying, ‘Lean on me.’ When we approach God the Father today, we come with hands pressed heavily upon Jesus, and through his spotless life, we ascend into God’s presence accepted.”

Sexual Sin Isn’t Only Wrong, It’s Just Plain Stupid

This is so true. “Sometimes, even though we should be, we aren’t sufficiently motivated by what’s right and wrong. In those times Scripture teaches us to be motivated by understanding what’s smart and what’s stupid. The choice is ours.”

Eugene Peterson Is Now Living the Resurrection

Eugene Peterson was one of the most significant and popular Christian teachers of the past few decades. Christianity Today remembers him.

Life in the Spirit Isn’t Just ‘Doing’ Differently, But ‘Being’ Different

“You have likely discovered in your own life, whether you’re married or single, whether you have kids or not, that nagging doesn’t really work. The best nagging can accomplish is reluctant behavior modification. But what we really want is not for people to begrudgingly do certain tasks, but be the kind of people who don’t have to be asked, right? If nagging worked, it wouldn’t be called nagging!”

Maybe I Need to “Pull a Farel” on Them?

I guess it’s a question worth asking. “I recently heard that in our little denomination of a hundred congregations, over 10% of our pulpits do not have preachers. As the president of our denomination’s seminary, it makes me ask, ‘Where are the men willing to be preachers?’ Especially when I know of many other needs for church planting and mission work.”

Flashback: A Deeper and Wider Obedience

Your tendency will be to battle hardest against the sins you find most alarming. However, you ought to look to your entire life and to battle sins that God finds alarming.

Conscience cannot make a wrong thing right, but it can make a right thing wrong.

—Mark Dever

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