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A La Carte (October 26)


I want to continue to express gratitude to those who have featured interviews or reviews related to Seasons of Sorrow: Kurt & Kate on Moody Radio (audio); Three Guys Theologizing (audio); Paul Tautges; Reading for the Glory; Sandee Macgregor; and Reformed Mum.

Westminster Books has a deal this week on Paul Tripp’s new book. They’ve also marked down a number of his other works.

It’s another good day for Kindle deals as we continue to build our libraries!

Into the anthropological chaos

Carl Trueman considers Revoice and its inevitable drift. “It is hard to find one high-profile critic of the movement who was taken with real seriousness by Revoice advocates. With the reports of gender and trans ideology making its way firmly into Revoice 2022, the time for dialogue seems now to be over.” (Also read the article he references.)

A Caution to Those Who Decree and Declare

Oyewole Akande urges caution to those who decree and declare in prayer. “Over the last few decades, the practice of decreeing and declaring has spread like wildfire across Africa. This practice comes from the Word of Faith movement and its emphasis on the power of words and the need for positive confessions in every sphere of the Christian’s life.”

A 90-Day Devotional on the Five Solas of the Reformation

Sometimes one word is all that stands between the truth and a lie, between life and death. In the Reformation, that word was sola, “alone.” This month, you can request Ligonier Ministries’ book The Heart of the Reformation for a donation of any amount in support of Ligonier’s gospel outreach. Take up this devotional to spend 90 days with the five solas of the Reformation. (Sponsored Link)

Food Offered to Idols: A Contemporary Issue

“This issue is more important than many who are from a Christian-influenced, secularized, or monotheistic religious background readily understand. [2] Cultures dedicated to this kind of pagan worship are dominated by public religious festivals and regular rituals. Community and family life revolve around these observances. Involvement in all this is the major expression of community, ethnic pride, unity, and even patriotism.”

Our Bodies Have Purpose and Value

In the current cultural context it’s crucial to affirm that our bodies have God-given purpose and value.

Waiting on the Lord

“I want to be patient, to wait up on the Lord, to trust in His timing. But my initial reaction is to be disappointed for what might have been, to struggle as I watch our retirement dreams hang in the balance, and to try to find an answer for myself to the question, ‘If God wanted me to be patient, why did he create me so impatient?’”

Flashback: The Influenced Will Be Like the Influencer

Bit by bit, day by day, sermon by sermon, podcast by podcast, we will come to resemble the people we follow. For good or for ill, we will imitate them until we are like them.

An eye to the throne-room of God is the cure to fascination with the circus of the world.

—Matthew Harmon

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    A Celebration of Friendship

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