A La Carte (October 30)

Happy birthday to my sweet Abby who turns 18 today! Unfortunately (for me) she’s 500 miles south of here at Boyce College. Still, her brother and friends are taking good care of her, I’m sure. And I’ll see her when term ends in just two weeks!

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What You Need to Know about the Devil’s Tricks

He doesn’t fight fair! “The reality of life for Christians is that we have an enemy. From the beginning of human history, the Devil has been looking for ways to manipulate, tempt, hurt, and ultimately destroy God’s people. One of his oldest tricks is persecution.”

Three Practical Ways to Battle Depression

This article is not meant to deal with depression in a thorough way but rather to offer three very practical ways to battle it. And I think these practical ways are also very wise ways.

Reformation Week $5 Friday

Today, Ligonier Ministries is celebrating Reformation Week with a special $5 Friday. More than 100 books, DVDs, digital downloads, and more are available for $5 each. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on trusted resources while supplies last. (Sponsored Link)

Reformation Day

Tomorrow is Reformation Day, so here are a few relevant links:

On Autumn, Anxiety, and the World

This is a faith-filled reflection on autumn, anxiety, and the world. “I know the world feels like it’s in upheaval right now. I know, in both private and public ways, how we all feel sideways, waiting for the waves to set us back upright again. I feel this as I walk toward the house, whispering to myself as the day begins.”

Loving Difficult Neighbors Isn’t Optional

“Much like family, we don’t choose our neighbors. Depending on the situation, this can be delightful or dreadful.” Most of us can think of times it’s been both, I think.

Taking on the Revolutionary Program of Ibram X. Kendi

Denny Burk offers some thoughts on Ibram X Kendi’s mega-selling book How To Be an Anti-Racist.

Flashback: 7 Marks of a Deeply Deadly Sin

While every sin places you under the wrath of God, and while any sin is sufficient to create an eternal chasm between God and man, not every sin is identical.

Believe that God is strong enough to save your children, no matter how you fail. —Elyse Fitzpatrick