A La Carte (October 8)

Good morning, my friends. The Lord be with you and bless you today. 

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Family Bonds

“My parents and my husband David’s parents met for the first time this August, 16 months after our Zoom wedding (thanks, pandemic). We were curious—and just a little nervous—about their first meeting: They have nothing in common!” Thus begins a hauntingly and tragically beautiful column from Sophia Lee.

“Just Say No”? 3 Practical Ways to Resist Temptation

“With all due respect to former First Lady Nancy Reagan, resisting temptation in the Christian life is much more nuanced and challenging than the popular advertising slogan of the 1980s, ‘Just Say No.'”

5 Productivity Lies Christians Must Avoid

There are some common but tempting lies listed here. “Who doesn’t want to be more productive with their time? But Christians must be careful that in pursuing efficiency we don’t fall for these five lies of productivity.”

Profanity and the Gospel

“Profanity is becoming more and more mainstream, but its constant use defiles us more than most people realize. Cursing only has one practical use. The act of being boorish has a way of waking people up when they have stopped paying attention.”

Don’t Sin To Fix Sin

This is an important principle. “You don’t want to multiply sin. It can never be good to sin in a bid to fix sin. Whatever problem we may be faced with, however messy and difficult to untangle, the solution to it is not further sin.”

Wanted: Spiritual Mothers

“The truth is, you’re never too old to no longer want your mom—the mom you may or may not have ever had. One who not only cares for you physically, but also speaks into your life with spiritual wisdom and comfort, who prays for you and builds you up with words of experience and knowledge, who reminds you of how much God loves you and desires a relationship with you.”

The Clear and Present Danger of Social Media Out of Control

Al Mohler is among many writers who are urging us to be increasingly cautious and increasingly aware when it comes to social media.

Flashback: The Cost of Surrounding Yourself with Negative People

To get ahead in life we need to get rid of anyone who holds us back. I am convinced this principle is abhorrent and will offer three reasons why.

Accomplishment heaven high is no apology for vice hell deep. —De Witt Talmage