A La Carte (October 9)

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Just Give Me a Sign

“This kind of thinking is modern-day superstition. We try to listen to our experiences; we try to find divine signs and miracles to help us understand who God is, who we are and what we’re supposed to do. But the problem with listening to our experiences is that it means we’re not looking at and listening to Jesus in the Bible. Asking for signs from God and appearing to find them is not looking and listening to Jesus on his terms.”

Be Patient with Us as We Learn

Joe Holland reminds me that I undoubtedly owe a few apologies. “My slowness to listen came from a double blindness. I was blind to how little I knew. Just as a young singer has no business singing the blues until he has lived a little, so a young Christian has no business making confident assertions about life until he has listened a lot, listened to those seasoned saints who have come before him.”

I Tried To Hack My Insomnia With Technology

This pretty much matches my experience when it comes to using tracking and technology to help with insomnia.

“Jesus Died for Sinners”: Do Your People Know What This Actually Means?

According to Conrad Mbewe, it’s very possible that they don’t. “There’s a perception in the minds of many preachers that the depth of teaching they got on the atonement during their Bible college days is only for them as preachers, that it would be too deep for the ordinary Christian in the pew. This perception is entirely false. It’s also why, over time and across generations, churches lose the truth. The pastor should ensure that in his regular ministry of expounding God’s Word he is plumbing the depths of the truths he encounters in the sacred text.”

11 Reasons Why You Need to Belong to a Church

Here are 11 quick and good reasons, though I’m sure you could come up with more!

Reformed Perspective

There’s a new issue of Reformed Perspective magazine free for the download if you’d like to grab it.

Do Old Testament Commands Apply Today? (Video)

Dr. William Fullilove of RTS provides a solid answer.

Flashback: What To Expect When Battling Sin

Putting sin to death is a long and violent struggle against a deadly enemy that is absolutely devoted to our destruction. In this way we should not expect that putting sin to death will be easy, and we should not expect that sin will go quietly.

At the cross, the most powerful man who ever lived submitted to the most brutal death ever died, to save the powerless. Christianity does not glorify violence. It humiliates it. —Rebecca McLaughlin