A La Carte (October 9)

Today’s Kindle deals range far and wide, I suppose. Avid readers may also want to check out Westminster’s deal on The Mystery of the Trinity, a highly-regarded new work.

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Should We Expect Our Jobs to Make Us Happy?

Barnabas Piper’s illustration here is a helpful one. “It was only once I moved out and became responsible for my own home I began to covet adhesive-backed plastic hanging hooks. They seemed ideal for hanging pictures or dust mops or calendars… until I actually tried them.”

The Uniqueness of Christian Suffering

Everyone in this world suffers, but Christians suffer in some unique ways. “We often hear that Christians do not suffer any more than non-Christians—that suffering, humanly speaking, is the same whether one is a believer or an unbeliever. The notion, of course, is that hardships are a human experience and misery is no respecter of persons. But if we think about this notion a bit more critically, we can easily see that there are additional sufferings afforded to the believer that are not part of the experience of the unbeliever. Three immediately present themselves in the Scriptures…”

What is the Most Important Election in U.S. History?

Is the coming election the most important in U.S. history? If you think so (or if you don’t) you should probably read Keith Mathison’s article on the subject.

Small and Holy

This is just a wonderful bit of writing.

Land Mismanagement

I enjoyed Janie B. Cheaney’s column in the new issue of WORLD magazine.


Darby Strickland writes about the universal experience of being rejected. “Rejection—it’s so personal. It sticks to our souls. It does not respond to reason, and is not easily dislodged from our hearts. We can try to talk ourselves out of the indictment that comes with it, but the words we use are mostly ineffective, reinforcing our shame.”

How Pornography Is Preying On The Vulnerable In The Midst Of Covid-19

While the most immediate context for this article may have passed (the widespread lockdowns) the general context remains unchanged. The fact is, porn preys on the vulnerable.

Flashback: On Being an Inflatable Tank

There’s a temptation that applies to pastors and other Christians with a public profile, and it’s the temptation to look righteous and holy in public, but to be content to be unrighteous and unholy in private.

As every day demands its bread, so everyday demands its prayer. No amount of praying, done today, will suffice for tomorrow’s praying. —E.M. Bounds