A La Carte (October 9)


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Why Did God Allow Satan to Harm Job and His Family? – This is one answer to a perplexing question.

Will Christians Be Left Behind? – This article looks at the history of the belief in a secret rapture.

True Woman Live – The True Woman conference kicks off today; if you’d like to watch the livestream, you can do so at truewoman14.com/live/. It begins at 6:45 PM EST.

Ordinary and Other Deals – Westminster Books has some deals on a book called Ordinary, and some other promising titles.

Christ and Ebola – Denny Burk asks whether you have confidence that Christ can handle Ebola.

Christians not Welcome – I hate to read stories like this, but they are becoming more common. A graduate of a Canadian Christian university was rejected for a job because of the school’s position on sex and homosexuality.

Why Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Seems Anti-Gospel – Mike Leake writes about why opposing same-sex marriage seems anti-gospel.

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