A La Carte (September 14)

Here’s a final reminder that the good folk at Faithlife have asked me to let you know about an upcoming free webinar for church leaders who are preparing for fall ministry in light of COVID.

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It’s not the best day ever for Kindle deals, but I did unearth a few at least.

Enjoying Imperfection

Only God does all things perfectly. In a world that has written God out of the story, we have written ourselves into the role of perfection-attainment. And it is killing us—our dusty little frames, our finite abilities can’t handle it. It’s not that we shouldn’t ever aim to be the best—it’s about what we do when we fall short. And what failing does to us. It’s  realising that not all things need to be the ‘best’, but can simply be enjoyed for what they are.”

18 Trillion Feet of You (Video)

The John 10:10 Project produces some neat videos, like this new one about DNA. “Through extraordinary computer animation you’ll discover how the more than 18 trillion feet of DNA in your body is organized, stored and processed.”

Joshua Janavel and the Plight of the Waldensians

I’ve always thought the Waldensians haven’t gotten as much attention in church history as they should have. This is a good little look at a part of their history.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There are some great, comical shots in this year’s collection.

What Makes a Man — or a Woman? Lost Voices on a Vital Question

This has always been an important question, but perhaps never more so than today. “When it comes to understanding what it means to be a man or a woman, we live in a confused and confusing time. Distinctions that were obvious to previous generations are no longer so clear. The reasons for this confusion are complex, and addressing the question requires not only wisdom but also courage.”

The Other Side of the Coin

I think Eddie addresses a genuine concern here, in his call for confident and passionate prayer.

How Costco Became A Massive “Members Only” Retailer (Video)

I enjoyed this video explaining how Costco got so respected and so big.

Flashback: What Makes the Spiritual Gifts Discussion Different

We cannot allow the apparent lack of gifts to make us turn to Scripture already determined to prove their cessation; we cannot allow the apparent existence of gifts to make us turn to Scripture already determined to validate their continuation.

Fiery trials make golden Christians. —Theodore Cuyler