A La Carte (September 17)

Today’s Kindle deals include just a couple of rather “nichey” books.

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Of greater interest may be the knowledge that Ligonier is offering a free digital download of Steve Lawson’s series on the attributes of God.

(Yesterday on the blog: What Not To Say at the Beginning of a Worship Service)

There Should Be Two of Us

Jared Wilson writes about the tragic death of Jarrid Wilson. “We didn’t know each other; not really. But we shared the social media version of an Achilles heel, because we shared the same name. Sort of. His is spelled Jarrid. Mine is Jared — ‘The biblical spelling,’ I enjoyed pointing out. And because of this we shared the same good-natured frustration of frequently being confused for each other online.”

He Will Not Forget Your Works!

“Strolling back across one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland recently, I noticed that the footprints I had made on my outward journey had so quickly disappeared. Within minutes of my passing, wind blown rivulets of sand had filled my footprints. It was as if my journey had not happened, nothing to show for me being there.”

How Biblical Is Your Womanhood: Two Easy Tests

Jasmine Holmes: “A Christian woman trying to glorify God in my femininity, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m still being tested every day. And, softball question or impossible trick question, I often end up feeling like I’m failing.”

How Do I Know That God Is for Me?

Sinclair Ferguson answers the question.


“Those wilderness years were humbling. And I learned more deeply and personally that ‘man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord’. In the years since, three things have helped me form and keep this habit. Daily. Place. Plan. And Plate.”

The Five-Minute Email Rule

We might all be better off if we instituted a rule like this one.

What Did Jesus Mean by “The Broad Way?”

Jim Elliff explains.

Flashback: The Bit of Heaven the Heaven Tourism Books Never Touched

We can’t know what it is to live a moment without sinful minds, sinful hearts, and sinful desires until we enter into the world where sin is no more.

That pleasure for which our culture most emphatically rejects God—sex—is the very thing God has given humanity so that we might have an analogy, a category, a language for knowing what the unadulterated enjoyment of him will be like in glory. —Jonathan Leeman