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Worship: Our Privilege and Responsibility

This week the blog is sponsored by the G3 Conference.

What do you think of when you consider the weekly and regular worship of God by the gathered church on the Lord’s Day? Do you think of the singing or the preaching or the praying? What happens when God’s people worship him rightly?

In his book titled, Worship: The Ultimate Priority John MacArthur provides four specific results that occur in the lives of God’s people when they engage in true biblical worship:

  1. God is Glorified
  2. The Church is Purified
  3. The Church is Edified
  4. The Lost are Evangelized

As we read about the early church in Acts and as we examine the work of church planting—it seems that these effects are the natural outflow of a healthy church. What about you and your local church? Are these results evident in your context of worship?

In an age of shallowness and compromise—we must labor to see a reformation of God-honoring worship that will impact the whole church leading to a Christ-honoring impact upon the culture. Far too often, culture has been allowed to impact the church rather than the church impacting the culture. If we’re honest—the worship of God has been regulated by culture rather than God’s Word. We must not be satisfied with this downward trend.

In January, we will gather in Atlanta for the annual G3 Conference—a theology conference for the Church (not just pastors and church leaders). We will attempt to cover issues and topics related to the following:

  • What is worship?
  • Regulative, Normative, or Imaginative Principle?
  • What is family worship and how should it be practiced?
  • What are the ordinary means of grace and how should they be implemented in the weekly worship of the church?
  • Who is called to lead the church in worship?
  • Is worship optional?
  • What role should music and singing play in our worship?

Important Reminder: Rates Increase on September 25th. Register before in order to save $50 per ticket.

Dates: January 16-18

  • Pre-Conference on January 15 – TBA

What to Expect as an Attendee to the G3 Conference:

Great Fellowship: One of the great realities of the G3 Conference testimonies is the fact that each year men and women show up in Atlanta to encourage one another in the faith. One of the greatest parts of the annual event is the deep and rich fellowship that takes place through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God Exalting and Christ-Centered Worship: From the very beginning, the G3 Conference had a high view of worship that was incorporated into the conference. Devon Kauflin will be leading in the singing of the gospel throughout the weekend and it’s always a thrill to worship God in song with thousands of other men and women who are exulting in the God who saves sinners.

Faithful Preaching: Throughout the weekend, between 12-14 main sessions will be held in the main conference hall. That’s a lot of preaching! From the beginning, the G3 Conference has placed a heavy emphasis upon the preaching of God’s Word. At the center of a church’s life—Christian worship is led by faithful preaching. We seek to model that in how we organize the G3 Conference.

Breakout Sessions: Throughout the weekend, different breakout sessions will be centered on issues related to the theme of worship and other practical and theological subjects that provide the attendee the opportunity to customize their G3 experience by attending various different sessions. There will be sessions specifically designed for women too which is another commitment of the G3 Conference.

Exhibit Hall Resources: Attending a conference can be a valuable experience in many ways, and that’s often connected to the exhibit hall. It is our desire to have good ministries and organizations represented in the exhibit hall each year in order to allow attendees the opportunity to make vitally important connections that will aid in the discipleship and mission goals of their local church.

Bookstore: This year we are delighted to announce that the bookstore of the 2019 G3 Conference will be newly redesigned and organized to maximize the needs of the attendees. You can expect to have great opportunities to add to your theological library at discounted prices and look for book signing opportunities by conference speakers mixed into the bookstore this year as well.

Speakers to Include:

  • John MacArthur
  • Paul Washer
  • Voddie Baucham
  • Steven Lawson
  • Costi Hinn
  • James White
  • Phil Johnson
  • Joel Beeke
  • Tom Ascol
  • Jeremy Vuolo
  • Anthony Mathenia
  • Derek Thomas
  • Josh Buice
  • David Miller
  • Todd Friel
  • Tim Challies
  • Stephen Nichols
  • Chris Anderson
  • Rachel Jankovic
  • Allie Beth Stuckey
  • Martha Peace


  • Philip Webb
  • Foto Sisters
  • Devon Kauflin

You can reserve your seat and your hotel by visiting

Don’t forget to follow the G3 on social media:

Make your reservations today. We look forward to serving you and worshipping together as we gather in Atlanta this January.

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