A La Carte (September 29)

Grace and peace to you.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Our Understanding of Earth and Our Assumptions of Heaven)

Okay, So it’s a Secular Age, But Jesus is Still Working

“Jesus is still working. Yes we call it a secular age, and it truly is, but perhaps it feels like there’s the stirrings of God doing something again in the midst of all of this turmoil and angst. It’s an anxious age, and men’s’ and women’s’ hearts may well fail them as war ramps up again, as seismic changes lurch us from left to right and from Left to Right. Who are we to discount revival?”

Died: Brother Andrew, Who Smuggled Bibles into Communist Countries

“Anne van der Bijl, a Dutch evangelical known to Christians worldwide as Brother Andrew, the man who smuggled Bibles into closed Communist countries, has died at the age of 94.”

How Much Theological Education Do You Need?

“How much theological education do you need? It depends, obviously.” This is a useful illustration to show how different people may need different amounts of theological education.

I Don’t Know

“Ideally, as the pastor, you should be one of the better-educated people in your church. You have likely gone to college and then studied for three or four years to earn your MDiv. During that time you’ve probably read thousands upon thousands of pages of theological literature. For your sermon preparation you ideally read a great deal each week, and that’s not counting your leisure reading.” Yet you can’t know everything and shouldn’t act like it.

What does it mean that God is able to keep us from stumbling? (Video)

Here’s a good answer to a good question: What does it mean in the book of Jude when it says that God is able to keep us from stumbling?

Introducing Ligonier Guides: Accessible Theology for Everyday Life

Ligonier Ministries has just announced the launch of “Ligonier guides.” “These guides, covering topics such as theology, worldview and culture, biblical studies, Christian living, and church history, provide overviews and explanations from Ligonier’s topic index, along with quotes and links to additional topics and resources.”

Flashback: Set An Example: Don’t Surrender To Low Expectations

The primary way to serve your church is to pursue godliness, to grow in wisdom and knowledge, in character and obedience. Set an example. Be an example. Make your life a beautiful work of art.

It’s not change, then you get Christ; it’s Christ, then you get change. It’s not try to change and then God will accept you; it’s accept Christ and he’ll change you. —David Murray