A La Carte (September 9)

I want to remind you of my new site SquareQuotes where you can find quote graphics on a wide variety of subjects. They are all free for the downloading…

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It is another pretty good day for Kindle deals and they include several titles by Wiersbe on key books of the Bible.

The Ministry Goal No One Talks About

This is a good one! “What happened May 31 is not only something I’ll probably never see again, it’s a ministry goal almost no one talks about. However, having occupied a front–row seat for the past 13 years of this accomplishment, I’d like to examine both the labor and the fruit…”

Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More Outspoken on Politics

Yesterday I linked to the new State of Theology survey. Here’s an article on it by Christianity and another one by Facts & Trends.

Thinking Critically about Critical Race Theory

Stand to Reason has a good, short look at Critical Race Theory, and an explanation as to why its incompatible with Christianity.

Does God Single Out the Sin of Homosexuality? (Romans 1)

Why in Romans 1 does Paul single out the sin of homosexuality? This article explains.

What Is The Best Method Of Apologetics? (Video)

This may not be exactly the answer some people will be looking for, but it’s still a good one.

This Isn’t The Mountain Top You Were Looking For

“It struck me in church on Sunday, standing 2 metres away from my friends, humming into my face mask, that this what what you might call a mountain-top experience. OK, it’s not exactly what one usually means when one thinks of mountain-top experiences…”

Seeking the Lost

This article is meant to help you rejoice as you consider what God does when he seeks the lost.

Flashback: The Greatest Wall

The barrier fell, and it fell forever. It took with it all of the hostility that had made it necessary. God and man could now, at last, be reunited.

Do I trust that where I am in life today—no matter how far it is from where I think I should be—can never limit God’s ability to accomplish his will in my life? —Dave Harvey