Weekend A La Carte (11/12)

Who Is Worth It? – Reflections from the mission field. “A boy who proceeded to not cooperate with the program of living.  An all night struggle.  The parents said they could not afford the treatment (surfactant), about $200, which replaces the lung lining that is not yet developed in this stage.  So we tried him on our bubble CPAP, oxygen and pressure to open lungs and help breathing.  But he did not do well, and his xray showed significant respiratory distress syndrome, so after 2 hours I decided we should just give the surfactant anyway and dip into our Needy Children’s Fund to cover it.”

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A Father’s Journey – This talk is well worth listening to. A father reflects on the long journey of having a daughter (now 40) with Down’s Syndrome.

The Gathering – You can listen to the new Sovereign Grace album (a live recording) free at Bandcamp. Or buy it for $5.

One Life – Christianity Explored has a nice new iPhone app.

Christian Comedy – The Chicago Tribute covers Christian comedy.

Not for the Stout of Heart – I think Phil Johnson draws out some legitimte concerns in this blog post about James MacDonald. The tone of MacDonald’s writing has definitely changed.

By obeying Christ’s commands you will gain more than you can give. –Thomas Brooks