Weekend A La Carte (3/19)

There has been quite a lot of weighty stuff in A La Carte over the past couple of weeks. So I saved up some humorous links that may just let you begin your weekend with a laugh. Enjoy!

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Innocent Abroad – John Mark Reynolds took a trip to Canada and his reflections are all kinds of hilarious. “Canada is very big. It is much bigger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined! Canadians claim to be bigger than Texas and Alaska combined, but friend from Texas claim that this is an illusion caused by distortion in flat maps.”

Guilty – This video will make your morning.

A Scary Nose – If the dog didn’t make you laugh, maybe the baby will.

Hip Hop Polka – My sister is convinced that this is the funniest thing on YouTube. I don’t see it (though the comment (#2) about this being the official anthem of the UN is pretty funny). What do you think? Is this as outrageously hilarious as she says it is?

A Little Old – From the New Yorker:

A Little Old

There ain’t much fun in medicine, but there’s a good deal of medicine in fun. –Josh Billings