T Minus 14

The Next StoryTwo weeks from today is the official release date for my book The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion. And if you’re planning to order the book (and really, you should, don’t you think?), it makes some sense to pre-order it before the official release date.

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If you are going to be reading it in Kindle format, you will definitely want to order ASAP. For every 200 people who order on Kindle, the price will drop by $1 (and since you’re not charged until the day it actually releases, you’ll get those savings). Other ebook platforms will also get those savings, but not until the book actually releases. The price has already fallen and I’d love to see it fall some more.

So go ahead and pre-order it for Kindle.

If you would rather read it in printed format (you know, the way we used to read books!) you can do so from Westminster Books and Amazon. I recommend Westminster since if you order from Westminster Books you will receive a signed copy of the book. And, you know, signed copies are fun.

You can learn a lot more about the book (download a sample chapter, read the endorsements, etc, etc) by clicking here.