Weekend A La Carte (7/7)

God Is Merciful – This is a fantastic article from Jon Bloom. He explains why God is merciful not to tell us everything. “God is merciful not to tell us everything. He tells us enough to sustain us if we trust him. But often it does not feel like enough. We really think we would like to know more.”

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CERN Probes Big Bang – William Lane Craig: “That atheists should get all excited about the theological implications of the experiments which will be conducted at CERN’s new Large Hadron Collider, which was successfully activated last Wednesday, reveals, I think, how desperate they are to wish away the evidence of current cosmology for the beginning and fine-tuning of the universe.”

Multitasking – Here’s a look at what goes on in your brain when you multitask.

Read On! – Here’s some encouragement to slow readers.

Your Child and Porn – Here are five critical steps if you learn that your child has been looking at pornography.

How a Face Forms – You’ve got to be careful with videos like this, or people will begin to think that this isn’t just a fetus but actually a human baby. Science is always on the side of those who are pro-life.

Death is like my car. It takes me where I want to go. –John Piper