Weekend A La Carte (April 23)

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Inviting God into the Hard Places

When we face difficulties we always long for deliverance. But “what if—rather than deliverance from the hard—he wants you to invite him into it? What if he wants you to seek his presence in the hard, more than his protection from the hard? His provision in the midst of life’s hardships, rather than relief from them?”

If God Really Loved Me, He Would…

This one is on a similar theme: “Why are we surprised when trials come? Why do we do quickly question God’s goodness, love, and control when we experience the pain of this world? For me, I think it’s because there is a pervasive belief that subtly infiltrates my thought life. One that, deep down, still believes God would keep me from harm and rescue me from pain if he truly loved me.”

How Russian Christians View the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine

CT tries to get to the bottom of a question many of us have been wondering: How do Russian Christians view the “special military operation” in Ukraine? The answer, not surprisingly, is complicated.

A question of responsibility

Meanwhile, Andrée Seu Peterson considers the matter of responsibility. “The question of causality is the quiet backdrop of the nightmare that is Ukraine. As an American eavesdropping on the current French presidential elections, I heard one candidate try to thread the needle by saying Putin is culpable but that the West is responsible for cornering him by trying to put NATO on his doorstep—for essentially ‘poking the Bear.’ This is more than I am qualified to comment on. Nevertheless, I got to pondering the Word of God on questions of causality and responsibility.”

Jesus Versus the Trade-In Society

We are a trade-in society, where the promise of being able to eventually replace anything, or anyone, lies underneath all of our experiences, even our spiritual lives.” This has wide-ranging consequences.

Hope for the Doubting Thomases of the World

“While the rest of the disciples went about rejoicing, Thomas wasn’t ready to celebrate just yet. His logical side needed time to line up with his emotional one. The proof of his devotion was in the profoundness of his despair. ”

Flashback: Young People and the Hundred Pushup Challenge of Life

It’s wrong of me to make light of their little sorrows by comparing them to their future greater sorrows. It’s right of me to support them as they build the strength and endurance that will carry them into and through the trials to come.