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Weekend A La Carte (April 29)

Weekend A La Carte

Today’s Kindle deals include a few deals that are worth looking at.

I’m down in Dallas today, looking forward to speaking at Called to Counsel. I hope to meet some of you here!

The 144,000

Many interpretations have been offered for the 144,000 people mentioned in Revelation 7:4. Kevin DeYoung has a solid, sensible explanation.

How Humble Moss Healed the Wounds of Thousands in World War I

Smithsonian tells how humble moss played a crucial and life-saving role in the First World War. “In the war’s early days, eminent botanist Isaac Bayley Balfour and military surgeon Charles Walker Cathcart identified two species in particular that worked best for staunching bleeding and helping wounds heal…”

Environmentalists: Telling the Good from the Bad

“Bad environmentalists abound, and some of them are very influential. Before Christians side with an environmental initiative, we need to sure the people we’re listening to are good environmentalists. Telling the difference between the good and bad ones can often be very hard, but the ‘baddies’ have at least a couple of flaws that Christians can be on the lookout for.”

Why the Church Needs the Infertile Couple

Matthew Lee Anderson has an excellent essay on infertility. It includes lines like this: “Infertility reminds the church that the satisfaction marriage offers is given ultimately not through childbirth but in the resurrection from the dead.”

Eleven Killer Questions To Ask Of A Bible Passage

I don’t know about “killer,” but they’re definitely wise and clarifying.

No More Mr. Nice

Here are some pastoral reflections on kindness, because niceness just isn’t good enough.

What Happens in 1 Minute? (Video)

This fun, 1-minute video tells some of what happens every single minute around the world.

Why A “Paper” Bible is Better

I continue to come across articles like this one, advocating paper Bibles over electronic ones. I get it, but I think that ship has sailed. Now we need to learn to use electronic Bibles even better than we used paper ones.

Flashback: Friction

I value any tool that reduces friction, that makes it easier and smoother to transfer words and ideas from my brain to my screen. Here are 3 software tools that are extremely valuable to me precisely because of the way they reduce friction.

To Ph.D or Not to Ph.D?

I’m grateful to Midwestern Seminary for sponsoring the blog this week.

Go to the Bible looking for God. Find Him, and application will follow. But go looking for application, and you may miss both.

—Trevin Wax

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