A La Carte (June 13)

Good morning my friends. Grace and peace to you.

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(Yesterday on the blog: On Helping Your Wife Become Like Christ by Identifying Her Every Fault)

Who Are the 144,000?

Tom Schreiner provides his interpretation of the 144,000 of Revelation 7.

When the Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending

Amy tells of a time when a missionary story didn’t have a happy ending and how it played out in her ministry.

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The Christian Life is a Waiting Life

“Christianity rests on promises from God to his people. Therefore, waiting is an essential part of life for those who follow Jesus.” It is, indeed.

Tyranny Follows Where Truth Fades

“In 2007, 14-year-old Yeonmi Park crossed a frozen river and three mountains in a desperate attempt to leave North Korea. Eventually, after suffering dreadful abuse in China, she made it safely to South Korea. In 2014, she received the opportunity to study in America, where she would be able to pursue an education in the ‘land of the free.'” Sharon James writes about one of Francis Schaeffer’s insights.

The Journey of the Seed

This is a neat description of what it takes for a seed to become a berry, and what it takes for the gospel to do its work.

A Very Nuanced Take on Everything

This is a clever article. I need to think a little bit more about a few of the pairings.

Flashback: How to Avoid the Worst Form of Failure

Do you want to succeed at life’s greater things? Then direct your life toward glorifying God by loving others.

If our souls are resting in Christ, if our hearts be filled with a tranquil gladness, work will be easy, duties pleasant, sorrow bearable, endurance possible. —A.W. Pink