Weekend A La Carte (April 4)

Some have asked how the book launch went this week. To be honest, I don’t really know, though I think it went well enough. What I do know is that if you got it, read or watched it, enjoyed it, and feel up to it, reviews on Amazon always help the cause.

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Once again, there’s a huge list of Kindle deals to look through. Many of them are tipped toward the academic reader. Also, you may want to visit this page where you’ll find a lot of general market one-day deals on non-fiction.

Jason Meyer’s Don’t Lose Heart: Gospel Hope for the Discouraged Soul is free this month from Christian Audio. Meanwhile, Logos is offering 30% off all base packages.

(Yesterday on the blog: A Family Update)

Encouragement from Alistair Begg in Difficult Times

Alistair Begg is regularly providing short videos of encouragement for these difficult times.

Digitally Reconstructed Medieval Castles

How neat! “Europe is known for its magnificent castles and fortresses, but only a few survive in their original form. Since reconstructing them would be financially impossible and culturally abhorrent, a London-based creative agency named NeoMam Studios have decided to digitally restore them to their prime. Using old paintings, blueprints, and textual documents that describe the strongholds, the design team from NeoMam Studios have resuscitated over a dozen castles across Europe.”

Is It Possible Some Mormons Are Saved?

Amy Hall answers wisely. “Since God saves through hearing the gospel—that is, when someone hears what Christ has done and puts his faith in Him—I can’t see someone getting saved from within the LDS church because the gospel simply isn’t taught there.”

China’s Real Death Toll

WORLD magazine reports on China’s death toll and recent reports that they may have significantly under-reported the reality.

Why Being Discouraged About Not Gathering as the Church is A Good Sign

Here’s something to think about as you prepare to worship in your home on Sunday morning.

I Love You From Over Here

What a great little reflection. “When there’s a pandemic and she can’t come hug you and bring chocolate and flowers like she usually does, she mails you a little treat in a box and texts you pictures of yellow tulips every morning instead. She doesn’t let the social distancing and difficult circumstances get in the way of loving people. She just replaces her normal ‘I love you’ with ‘I love you from over here.'”

Ten Surprising Facts About Everyday Household Objects

Since you’re probably at home, here are some facts about household objects.

Flashback: A Quiz on the Atonement

How well do you know the doctrine of the atonement? This quiz is designed to help you find out.

Selfish love always looks like gain, but it always yields loss. —Jonathan Leeman