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Weekend A La Carte (January 1)

Weekend A La Carte

Happy new year, my friends! What a joy it is to know that today, right now, our God is reigning over all of earth and heaven. His purposes will prevail!

Today’s Kindle deals include both newer works and classics.

The New Year Starts: Making Plans?

Today I’ve got several articles about the beginning of a new year, beginning with Jim Elliff’s call for humility.

Plans for a New Year

Then Brian Najapfour calls us to a key text. “What are your plans for 2022? Perhaps you plan to get married, or continue your studies, or look for a different job, or buy a house, or travel abroad. Whatever your plans may be, I hope you will consider what God teaches in Proverbs 19:21…”

A Needed Disappointment for the New Year

And here’s one from Eliza Huie: “We are addicted to self-sufficiency. Without even realizing it we are all junkies for independence. The beginning of the new year is often a time when this becomes even more evident. It’s the time when we are bombarded with encouragement to reflect and resolve. The hope is that in the New Year we will reach a greater level of self-improvement or attain a lasting commitment to live better. The turning of a year seems to put us on a quest to become all that we wish we could be.”

Book Short: Truth for Life

I have been enjoying Alistair Begg’s new devotional Truth for Life and want to commend it to you once more. I believe it will prove a helpful, steady companion for the year ahead. (If you’re reading via the email newsletter, click here for the link.)

Ten (More) Questions for a New Year

Donald Whitney has ten (more) questions to consider at the outset of a new year.

Should or Can in 2022?

Finally, please do read and consider this call for graciousness from Ray Ortlund.

Flashback: Comforting Quotes for Those Who Are Suffering

We all go through difficult times in these difficult lives in this broken world, and a book like this one delivers comfort rooted in the Comforter.

When it comes to the issue of “race,” we should look to the Bible, rather than the culture, to guide how we think about it… If we are going to make any progress in these discussions, the Bible must have first and final say on this topic.

—Shai Linne

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    Part of the joy of reading biography is having the opportunity to learn about a person who lived before us. An exceptional biography makes us feel as if we have actually come to know its subject, so that we rejoice in that person’s triumphs, grieve over his failures, and weep at his death.

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