Weekend A La Carte (January 2)

Logos users will want to be sure to take a look at this month’s free and heavily-discounted books. The freebie this month is a new, theologically-sound commentary on Galatians.

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Marriage: The Beginning of a Revolution

I enjoyed reading this account of a surprisingly significant wedding. “Yesterday was packed with joy from the first rooster crow until people fell into their beds exhausted from all the yipping, cheering, and dancing they did in celebration of something that the Lord holds dear: marriage.”

How Do I Become Passionate About Bible Reading?

John Piper provides some counsel on becoming passionate about reading the Bible. “Let me start this way: John Piper does not read through the Bible every year because there is a biblical law requiring me to do it; rather, because there’s something like — I don’t know what to call it — a natural or spiritual law in my soul that sets off alarm bells if I don’t.”

Proactive and Reactive Bible Intake

Speaking of which, I found it helpful to consider the distinction between proactive and reactive Bible intake.

A Parable from the Dead

There is much that can and should be said about the allegations again Ravi Zacharias (that have now been proven true). To that end, Kyle Borg offers some helpful reflections: “Maybe it’s easy for the living to point the finger at the dead. But let’s not make it too easy. Sadly, every situation and circumstance like this is, I believe, a parable for the church. Heinous as this revelation is it’s a tired and worn truth.”

Happy New Year. Don’t Be an Esau.

“Happy New Year! What a year we just had, and I’m sure 2021 will be full of even more surprises. As you consider what the Lord would have in store for you this year, let me propose one thing: Don’t be an Esau. That is to say: Don’t trade your birthright for a bowl of soup.”

Social Media’s Expert Culture

“Social media (and internet culture more widely) has brought about substantive change in our lives, for good and ill. We can now purchase things with a couple taps, access vast amounts of research and information instantly, and connect with family and friends even while socially distancing, all from the comfort of our favorite chair in the living room. But on the flipside of these advances and innovations, our struggles and desires often play out not just for our family and friends to see but also for the wider world with the simple click of the button to post our bold assertions in order to present ourselves to others in a certain light.”

Flashback: The 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America

Newsmax recently released their picks for the 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America…It’s quite a list and has generated no small amount of response. I spent some time pondering it over the holidays and thought I’d share a few thoughts on it.

Gospel-centered parenting means: How am I going to live in front of my child like I have put all of my hope in the gospel? —Nancy Guthrie