God Is At Work, Even When All Seems Still

I have been making my way through the works of F.B. Meyer and came across a passage I found both intriguing and encouraging. Though I found it in one of his weaker books, I consider it one of his stronger excerpts. Meyer is discussing the wonderful truths of Romans 8:28, that God is working all things for good. The purpose in his words is to assure Christians that God is working all things for good, even in times of relative stillness.

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However stationary the stars appear to be in the blue heavens, we know that they are really sailing onward, with great velocity, in their destined courses. The ocean may seem to sleep at our feet, but in reality it is in a state of incessant activity; its tides and currents perpetually passing to and fro on their appointed ministries. There is not a silent nook within the deepest forest glade, which is not the scene of marvellous activity, though detected only by the educated sense of the naturalist.

So there are times when our lives lack variety and incident. The stream creeps sluggishly through the level plain. Monotony, common-place, dull routine, characterize our daily course. We are disposed to think that we are making no progress; learning no fresh lessons; standing still as the sun over Gibeon; or going back as the shadow on the dial of Ahaz.

The child gets impatient, because every day it has to play the same scales. Then love steps in, and sees that God is busily at work, maturing His designs, and leading the life forward, though insensibly, into regions of experience, which surpass all thought. The day is breaking; the ice is giving; the picture is advancing; things are moving. God is working all things after the counsel of His own will.