Weekend A La Carte (July 15)

Despite an early start and a thorough search, I was unable to track down any new Kindle deals today. So you’ll have to content yourself with reading articles like these ones:

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Why I Like to Sit by Young Children

One of the most memorable flights I’ve ever had I was seated next to a little girl. We played games for three hours. At the end of it all, I found out her father (who was also there) was a friend of a friend. Who knew? Anyway, Jason Allen thinks you should enjoy flying next to kids too.

Alienation from God

Sinclair Ferguson: “Alienation from God is not only real but dangerous—and the depth of the alienation is evidenced by the fact that we think we are in no danger at all.”

Standing Against a Destructive Misogyny Threatening our Children

When magazines for our young girls are lauding utter depravity, we know we’ve turned a corner in society. Denny Burk explains why it matters. “Last week, Teen Vogue published an article instructing teenage girls how to enjoy being sodomized by their boyfriends. The article is so vile that I am not even going to link to it.”

Peterson and the Ghosts in the Machine

Summer White takes a different approach in considering Eugene Peterson. “What I’d really like to discuss is how laudably the feminists showed up on this one, and why it is so incredibly dishonest. As a graduate of Smart-Mouth college, I’d like to give them a standing ovation.”

Who Killed The Encyclopedia?

I guess their days were numbered long before Wikipedia came along.

Rethinking Christian Calling

This is kind of familiar territory by now, but I quite like how Kyle Borg explains why the language of “calling” isn’t always helpful.

Victorian Table Legs

Busting the myth that Victorians covered up table legs because they were too shapely and alluring.

Flashback: Looking Forward to the Reward

God does not have to reward me for what I do. Instead, he chooses to and delights to.

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God hath given to man a short time here upon earth, and yet upon this short time eternity depends. —Jeremy Taylor