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Weekend A La Carte (July 29)

Yesterday I preached my seventh(!) and final message at Muskoka Bible Centre, then headed home. I’m finally back at my desk after two weeks away–one week of vacation and one week of teaching. As always, it’s great to be home.

Today’s Kindle deals include a single, solitary title, but it’s a good one that’s new to Kindle.

Who Were the Galatians?

Tom Schreiner tells who the Galatians were. “Was Paul’s letter to the Galatians written to south or north Galatia? Why does it even matter? It should be said at the outset that the destination of the letter does not fundamentally change its interpretation. Where it makes a difference is in terms of history. The destination of the letter determines how we correlate Galatians with Acts.”

How to Make a Movie Out of Anything

This article tells why people keep cranking out dumb movies (and the occasional good one) based on toys, board games, video games, and so on.

Do Visitors at Your Church Really Feel Welcome?

These simple things really matter. And it’s amazing to me how often they are missed. “If you’re a church leader who cares about the experience of hospitality for those who visit your church services, I hope you will work through the following questions with eyes open to the impression your church may be leaving visitors.”

The Upside of Rotting Carcasses

Here’s a strangely interesting one from Smithsonian. “Large animals dying en masse are crucial to the the Serengeti—and they aren’t the only ones.”

Pursuit (Video)

Here’s some incredible, haunting storm footage.

Tips on Building a Digital Library

Jeff Straub: “I know there has been discussion on the long-term viability of digital vs. the continued preference for print. I still think that the advantages of digital far surpass their potential limitations, especially if you are starting out building a new collection for use in a lifetime of ministry.”

The Polygamous Town Facing Genetic Disaster

“In a remote region of the US, a town is struggling with a chilling health crisis caused by a recessive gene. The reason? Here, polygamy is still practised.”

Flashback: Why We Fail at Family Devotions

Make sure you allow your family devotions to reflect the uniqueness of your family. Make them your own, and do them for the good of your family and the glory of God. Mostly, just do them.

From The Seahawks to Seminary

My gratitude to MBTS for sponsoring the blog this week.

Worry is the antithesis of trust. You simply cannot do both. They are mutually exclusive.

—Elisabeth Elliot

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