Weekend A La Carte (March 9)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Broken Pieces and the God Who Mends Them)

Earthly Glory Always Fades

“It has been said, the greatest tragedies are not those who pursued greatness and failed to reach it. The biggest tragedies are those who achieved it and realized that it could not give them the fulfillment for which they longed.” This sounds a bit like Ecclesiastes, doesn’t it?

All the Lonely People

Here’s a challenging one from Tabletalk: “I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we long for deep relationships with others. We may be tempted to think our longing indicates that something is wrong with us, that something is deficient in us, but I assure you it is not. That longing for deep relationship was placed in us before the fall. We are created to bond and to have deep relationships.”

Twelve Rules for the Bookish Life

There’s one bad word in this, but readers will enjoy its reflections on the bookish life. “Readymade lists of ‘Great Texts’ are guides for the wise, and absolutes for fools. Don’t sweat your ability as a judge. You’ll know a good book after one read. You’ll know a great work by patience and perseverance and the joys they produce after a lifetime of rereading.”

We Hired a Japanese Moving Company! (Video)

I usually don’t enjoy this kind of lifestyle vlog, but did rather enjoy watching a Japanese moving company do its work.

Why Not All at Once?

As hotly debated as the ordo salutis has been over the past several decades in American Reformed Churches, we are still left with other important questions about the ordo salutis. While God confers all the benefits of Christ’s redeeming work on us ‘distinctly, inseparably and simultaneously’ the moment we are united to him by faith, they do not all come to us in the full experiential measure of those blessings.” Why?

When a Death is a Party

Here’s a look at how a Tanzanian funeral is so very different from what you and I may be accustomed to. “Tanzania is a collective culture. You cannot separate out one person’s experience from another’s; it is impossible not to see the community dimensions to a funeral. The death does not happen to a person or to a family. It happens to a community. Moreover, because that community is a whole, it does not follow that the benefit of some stands in opposition to the sorrow of others.”

‘Brilliant’ Man Who Was an Inventor of the Calculator Dies

“Jerry Merryman, one of the inventors of the hand-held electronic calculator who is described by those who knew him as not only brilliant but also kind with a good sense of humor, dies at 86.”

Flashback: I Have All the Time I Need

I’ve been deliberate in eliminating everything but the few things I want to give attention to: Family, church (both as a member and a pastor), friends and writing.

Both great men and little men succeed if they are thoroughly alive unto God, and fail if they are not so. —C.H. Spurgeon