Weekend A La Carte (May 11)

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Yesterday on the blog: 10 New and Notable Books for May

The Mission Field Needs ESL Teachers. Can You Be One of Them?

“There is a great opportunity for all types of English speakers—students, teachers, retirees—to help missionaries and churches who currently offer English classes as part of their strategy to share the gospel. Teaching English, facilitating discussion groups, organizing language exchanges, or hosting multiday English language intensives creates excellent opportunities to develop friendships and to enter into gospel conversations with many who still have not heard the good news.”

When Broken People Show Up at Your Broken Church

How does your church cope with mental illness? “The effects of sin on this world show up in different ways. Mental illness is probably the most baffling. It’s so hard to explain; we’d rather say it doesn’t exist. That’s a normal reaction, but Christianity brings us out of normality and disrupts our natural responses.

Honor Your Father and Mother

Devoutly honoring the superficiality of appearance, we look with longing toward youth—and with loathing toward age and maturity. We desperately don’t want to grow up and give up childish ways (1 Cor. 13:11b), so, rather than showing the aged honor, we despise them.” This seems fitting as we head toward Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Are We Living in a Post-Christian Culture?

In this short video, Ligonier “Teaching Fellow and Chairman W. Robert Godfrey and Director of Communications Nathan W. Bingham took a few minutes to discuss the relationship between the church and state and how Christians can live faithfully even in a post-Christian culture.”

The Prayers of a Faithful Daughter

Here’s an article for Mother’s Day. “How often do you pray for your mother? I posed this question to friends on social media recently and the consensus was pretty overwhelming: not enough. Up until a few months ago, that would have been my answer, too. I’d pray for my mom in times of crisis or frustration, but not much more beyond that. Since the beginning of the new year, however, God has been graciously teaching me how to better honor her through faithful prayer.”

The Kid Who ‘Put Everybody In Stitches’ At Boston Symphony Hall Has Been Found

This is the feel-good story for the day. You’ll enjoy reading the story and listening to the brief audio clip.

Missions Experts Are Redefining ‘Unreached People Groups’

“The labels are not just a matter of semantics; if too broad or too narrow, they fail to identify the people who are most desperate for the gospel and won’t accurately capture the church’s progress toward making disciples of all nations.”

Flashback: The Disabilities Dilemma

This conference displayed beauty at every turn and heralded beauty from the pulpit. It expressed that beauty is missional, that we can appeal to people better through beauty than through ugliness. And in that beautiful and put-together event there was just one area that stood apart: a booth covered with pictures of broken bodies and disfigured faces.

Even those who oppose Jesus are themselves being sustained by his powerful word. —Andrew Wilson