Weekend A La Carte (May 12)

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Great Big List of Recommended Books)

Battle Over Books

“How did a book on transgenderism, hormone therapy, and sex change surgery end up on a popular list for elementary school students?” (See also Transgender Confusion for more on this topic.)

You Must Disappoint Someone

“Why do you spend your time doing what you do? Why do you say yes to doing some things and no to doing other things? Are you saying yes and no to the right things? These are unnerving, exposing questions to ask. Most of us would like to believe we say yes and no to our time commitments based on objective, logical assessments of what appears most important. But that is very often not the case. Very often we make these decisions based on subjective assessments of what we believe others will think of us if we do or don’t do them.”

This Love Will Always, Always Have Been

I really enjoyed this poem.

Making My Baby a Smart Baby Was a Mistake

This is one dad’s take on smart baby monitors and why most people really don’t need them. (Note: There’s one or two bad words along the way.)

Book Review: Paul by N.T. Wright

“Reading Wright takes a lot of discernment. This biography on Paul will certainly give the reader more insight into the mind of Wright. But those who do not know how to read Wright discerningly may unwittingly adopt an incorrect view of Paul’s theology. It is an enjoyable book to read, containing tremendous insight at several points, but Wright’s implicit theological framework results in illegitimate redefinitions, erroneous conclusions, and unfounded caricatures of Reformed theology.”

4 Simple Language Principles That Will Improve Your Bible Study

“Here are four simple language principles that will improve your Bible study regardless of whether you ever take the many, many hours necessary to gain proficiency in New Testament Greek. If you do end up studying Greek, sound linguistic principles will guide and shape your study by attuning your questions and focusing your answers.”

Everyone Needs (to be) a Parent

“God doesn’t deliver new truths to each generation, but rather each generation is expected to pass on to the next generation the truth about God (Ps 145:4). Whether or not we’ve had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home, God in his mercy has given us brothers and sisters in Christ to help us. Sometimes they have been a disciple of Jesus for longer than us, and they provide mature and wise guidance and example. They become, in a very important sense, spiritual parents.”

Flashback: Prayerlessness Is Selfishness

If I believe that prayer works, if I believe that prayer is a means through which the Lord acts, if I believe that God chooses to work through prayer in powerful ways and in ways he may not work without prayer, then it is selfish of me not to pray. To pray is to love; not to pray is to be complacent, to be unloving, to be selfish.

John Piper and the Power of Vision

My thanks goes to Zondervan for sponsoring the blog this week with this post by Matt Perman.

It is only against the pitch blackness of the night that we see the glory of the stars. And it is only against the pitch blackness of man’s radical depravity that we can begin to see the glories of the gospel. —Paul Washer