Sunday A La Carte (May 13)

This was another week in which I found so many good articles I thought I’d put togethers a Sunday edition of A La Carte. I hope you enjoy it! And, of course, happy Mother’s Day to my mother and yours! We’ll begin today with a few articles by or for moms.

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That’s What Moms Do

You’ll enjoy this tribute to moms.

God Understands Hard, Thankless Parenting

“For mothers like me, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be happy. But in God’s sovereignty, it can still be holy, and even blessed. Motherhood can be the sharpest tool in heaven’s drawer, wielded and aimed toward our sanctification. Through the thankless tasks of raising and refining our children, our God raises and refines us. The Lord doesn’t just use us to raise our children; he’s using our children to raise us.”

Motherhood: A Call to Arms

“As another Mother’s Day rolls around, we find ourselves floating in a sea of sentimental, loving, and sweet words on the things that mothers do for us. It is good to recognize, appreciate, and honor all of that, but it is not what I want to do today. I want to pull back the sentiment and look at the unbelievably powerful position that God has called his women to.”

There have also been a few responses to Andy Stanley’s recent comments about the necessity of “unhitching from the Old Testament,” including these two.

A Response to Andy Stanley

David Prince: “It has been sad to observe Andy Stanley incrementally abandoning the evangelical Christian faith in favor of old-school theological liberalism. Stanley is a uniquely gifted communicator and successful organizational leader who has had tremendous influence within Evangelical Christianity.” Yet…

Marcion and Getting Unhitched from the Old Testament

Kevin DeYoung goes back in history to address this. “Most heresies from the early church find a way to live on in to other ages. This is especially true of Marcionism, with its distaste for an angry God, its optimism about human improvement, and its eagerness to set aside the Bible Jesus read. From Red Letter Christianity to recent comments about our need to ‘unhitch’ from the Old Testament, Marcionism is the evergreen heresy.”

And then a few more articles for you to read today…

The Overwhelming, Never-ending, Reckoning Wrath of God

“Popular contemporary songs about God’s love may lead some to believe that the chief object of God’s love is us. That we are loved so much by Him that He’s even willing to break His own Law to rescue us. That God’s love is so focused on us that He can be called reckless. This is absolutely preposterous.”

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: How Is One God Three Persons?

It’s always a good day to brush up on your theology of the Trinity.

The Airports That Architects Want To Redesign The Most

“If you could change any airport in the U.S., which would you choose? Co.Design posed the question to architects.” I’d definitely agree on LaGuardia and might take a shot at O’Hare.

I learned more about Christianity from my mother than from all the theologians in England. —John Wesley