Weekend A La Carte (May 30)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Really Bad Reviews of Really Good Books)

It Only Takes A Moment

It only takes a moment for a building to come down; it only takes a moment for a ministry and reputation to be destroyed.

Have Pentecostals Outgrown Their Name?

Christianity Today has an interesting article about coming up with a name other than “Pentecostal” to describe people who hold to what is essentially Pentecostal theology. “Names can be tricky. What do you call a Pentecostal who isn’t called a Pentecostal? The question sounds like a riddle, but it’s a real challenge for scholars. They have struggled for years to settle on the best term for the broad and diverse movement of Christians who emphasize the individual believer’s relationship to the Holy Spirit and talk about being Spirit-filled, Spirit-baptized, or Spirit-empowered.”

Tools for Better Thinking

This is a good collection of tools to help you think better, especially when solving problems or making decisions.

Why Many People are Experiencing Anxiety at the Thought of Life Getting Back to Normal

“As the nation slowly lifts its restrictions, there is a conflict going on in the hearts of many people. Here is where the emotional dissonance lies. While many people are tired of the lockdowns and rejoice at the thought of going to work, getting out to see friends, sitting in a restaurant, going shopping, and even gathering at church, many of those same people are experiencing anxiety about life returning to normal. Why is that? The answer is not what you would expect.”

Why Dubai’s Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty (Video)

Do you remember Dubai’s man-made islands that were in the shapes of palm trees and in the shape of the world? What happened to them anyway?

Sin Never Keeps Its Promises

“Sin is a swindler. It covers its deceit with kindness and sweet promises. We sin because we believe the lies. We gossip because the gossip whispers to us that we’re in the know and that people will appreciate us. We envy because we believe that if we only had what others have, we’d be content. We take undue pride in our accomplishments because pride assures us that we’ll feel better about ourselves. But in the end, sin never makes good on its promises. Instead, it leaves us unsatisfied and ashamed.”

We Are All Exiles Now

“It’s clear we are all exiles. We live in a world broken by sin. And while sometimes we enter a situation of exile because of our own sinful actions, it’s at least as common if not more that the deep frustration of exile comes upon us due to the brokenness that mars all parts of this world.”

Flashback: The Five Things You Want Your Church To Be

It is right and good to expect much from our churches, our marriages, our children, our pastors, and ourselves. But so much of our discontentment in life comes through expecting too much, through setting our expectations far too high.

The title of “His Excellency” more properly belongs to the meanest saint than to the greatest governor. —C.H. Spurgeon