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Weekend A La Carte (November 26)

My thanks goes to Christian Focus for sponsoring the blog this week with news of an excellent new biography on John Ross.

There are a few new Kindle deals today.

Westminster Books continues their deals today with discounts on children’s books.

(Yesterday on the blog: Black Friday 2022 Deals for Christians)

David French and the Future of Orthodox Protestantism

This is an important one from Carl Trueman. “It is now clear that orthodox Protestants, specifically evangelicals, do not own the country. Whether they ever did is a matter for debate; that they thought they did is indisputable.”

Is Islam Really the Fastest Growing Religion in the World?

You have probably heard that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. But is it really?

The search for authenticity

“Churches in hard places may seem full of people being authentic, but people often recoil from the authenticity on display because it is, well, too authentic. The sins on display, that with the church’s help may be repented of, are too much for some to wear. How can professing believers do that?”

A Workaday Faith

“We all want to do great things for Jesus. That’s normal and healthy. But we’re not all going to get to.” Indeed. But this isn’t a bad thing!

The Embattled Pastor

“Disagreement, misunderstandings, frustration, and disunity can tear at the seams of Christ’s church. Conflict leads to hurt feelings, judged motives, and flared tempers. Church members might take sides. Gossip and whispers spread like wildfire, and soon the forest is raging. If criticism is like a sprained ankle, conflict is the fracture.”

When Your Spouse Suffers from Chronic Pain or Illness

Those who are accompanying their spouse through a time of chronic pain or illness may benefit from this two-part article at Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Flashback: How I Review a Book

This is a loose format I follow in many of my reviews and I have found it quite effective in reaching a general audience with an interest in popular-level books. I hope you find it helpful!

The most rebellious thing we can do in a world that prioritizes nonconformity above all is to stand out from the crowd by deliberately conforming our soul, mind, and body to a truth bigger than ourselves and our desires.

—Trevin Wax

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