Weekend A La Carte (November 3)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Why Anne of Green Gables Is One of My Favorite Novels)

Three Places God’s Feet Touched the Ground

“One of the most wonderful truths of Scripture is that God wants to be near to us. He isn’t a distant deity, unconcerned with the world’s affairs. God has actually chosen to step down from the heavenly heights and plant his feet here in our midst.” Amazing, isn’t it? This article shares three places God’s feet touched the ground.

Sinclair Ferguson on The Marrow of Modern Divinity

I rather enjoyed this short video of Sinclair Ferguson discussing the classic Christian work The Marrow of Modern Divinity. He certainly offers some compelling reasons to read it.

That Which No Tragedy Can Take from Us

There are some good lines in this devotional look at Job. “When true tragedy strikes, the Christian leans not on what he does not know but on what he does know. Who, in times of profound suffering, has the mental energy, the philosophical fortitude, to consider the academic questions of the origin of evil? It is not that such questions are unimportant, nor that that there are no answers to those questions. But suffering is not the place to find merely theoretical answers. Those in pain will know that the trials they face are deeply practical.”

Self-Hatred and Sanctification

Taylor Cain shares openly. “There was a time in my life where I hated myself. I hated that I had to go through the pain of showing my blemished face in public. At times I felt alone in this battle against despising my appearance. I have battled this demon of mine for ten years. I hope what I’ve learned will give Christians who fight through similar things a glimmer of hope that God is using their blemishes to make them more like the unblemished One.”

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine

If you’re looking to add some reading to your weekend, perhaps you can make your way through this selection of articles from the newest issue of Tabletalk.

Leading Them Well

Pastors and church leaders will find useful principles in this article from Brian Cosby. “Here are a few very practical principles of leading and managing church staff that will help you build up the body of Christ in both maturity and unity.”

3 Classic Poems Every Christian Should Read

Leland Ryken suggests three poems every Christian would do well to read.

Flashback: A Quiz on the Doctrine of Scripture

How well do you know the doctrine of the Scripture? This short thirty-three question quiz is designed to help you find out.

The gospel makes us extrospective, turning our gaze upward to God in faith and outward to our neighbor in love. —Michael Horton