Weekend A La Carte (November 30)

Good morning from Lusaka, Zambia, where today I am scheduled to speak at the graduation ceremonies for African Christian University

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I’ve put together a list of a few Kindle deals that might interest you.

Door-To-Door With a Difference

This article contains some good and honest ideas for door-to-door evangelism in neighborhoods.

8 Ways Expository Preaching Changed Our Church

“Faithful expository preaching meant that the Word of God is presented as the words of God. It sounds funny to write it that way, in tautology, but this was earth-shaking news. Every word of Scripture was pure ‘truth’ and ‘argument’ of God, flowing out upon people, forcing they either accept or reject His holy position. The light had dawned: expositional preaching was the only preaching that had any power. Faithful preaching could only be expositional preaching.”

Grief and Gratitude Can Coexist

“Can gratitude and lament abide together? They must, because the Bible calls us to both. Christ has risen from the dead, but my husband remains in the grave. How do we approach a God who could have chosen to heal my husband, but for reasons known only to Him, didn’t? God isn’t afraid of our tough questions and emotional angst. Our sorrow does not negate our gratitude; rather, it accentuates it.”

A Contagious Pulpit

Did you know a pulpit can be contagious? “It seems so obvious to say it, but there is a strong connection between what is going on in the preacher and what will go on in the listeners.  This is true both positively and negatively. ” This article explores some examples of both.

To a Friend Nine Days before We Fly Out Again

I appreciated this honest letter from a missionary.

OCC Shoeboxes: Answering the Arguments

I don’t expect the controversy surrounding the Operation Christmas Child boxes to get solved any time soon. Here is one thoughtful take on it.

Flashback: Services Shaped Like an Hourglass

We begin our service distracted, narrow our focus to Jesus Christ, then broaden our gaze to living in this world for God’s glory.

The power of our activism, campaigns, movements, and strategies cannot forgive sins or raise the dead. —Michael Horton