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Weekend A La Carte (October 1)

Today’s Kindle deals include Jesus, Continued by J.D. Greear, Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace, Shame Interrupted by Ed Welch, Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel, Preaching with Passion by James Draper. You may also enjoy sorting through Amazon’s $3.99 or less monthly deals. There are lots of titles there and they cross all categories.

This month’s free book from Logos is Craig Keener’s New Covenant Commentary on Romans. You can get another commentary (Fee on Revelation) for $1.99.

Free from Christian Audio this month is The Poverty of Nations by Wayne Grudem & Barry Asmus. Several other Grudem titles are discounted to $4.98.

How To Pray a Psalm

Justin Taylor quotes Donald Whitney to show how the Psalms can be a great starting point for your prayers.

More Than Fun: 5 Intrinsic Values of Videogames

Drew Dixon read my article on video games and says, “While Challies’ article represents a step forward in the church’s awkward relationship with videogames, he made a significant misstep in the process that needs to be corrected.”

The Not-Quite Incorruptible St. Bernadette of Lourdes

Atlas Obscura visits the Chapel of Saint Gidard at the Sisters of Charity in Nevers where you’ll find the not-quite incorruptible remains of St. Bernadette of Lourdes.

God’s Good and Dangerous Gift

There is a new edition of the 9Marks journal for you to download or read online. This month’s subject is the good and dangerous gift of authority.

This Day in 1529. 487 years ago today the Colloquy of Marburg, which attempted to unify followers of Luther and Zwingli, began and ended in disagreement over the doctrine of the Eucharist. Switzerland remained Reformed and Germany stayed Lutheran. *

God’s Little Mercies

Trillia Newbell asks “Did you know October is Spina Bifida awareness month?” She introduces some friends who tell of their experience with it.

God Would Never Ask Me to Sacrifice My Kids….Right?

It’s a valid question, and a very pointed one for some believers: “When do we hit the point where we love our children more than Jesus? Where we tell him, You can have anything, Lord, just not my kids?”

The State of Theology

Earlier in the week I linked to a new study sponsored by Ligonier Ministries. Here’s an interview that helps explain the study and its findings.

The 10 Questions Anyone Considering a Call to Ministry Must Answer

I’m thankful to MBTS for sponsoring the blog this week…

When God intends to do a great work He stirs up His people to pray for the thing He intends to do.

—Michael Haykin

  • A Freak of Nature (and Nurture)

    A Freak of Nature (and Nurture)

    We are probably so accustomed to seeing bonsai trees that we don’t think much about them. But have you ever paused to consider how strange and freakish they really are?

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (February 28)

    A La Carte: Can Christians buy expensive things? / You are probably WEIRDER than you think / Our limits are a gift from God / Big dreams impress. Ordinary faithfulness delivers / The biggest problem in worship education / Children’s books / and more.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (February 27)

    A La Carte: God doesn’t owe me kindness / Jordan Peterson’s “We Who Wrestle with God” tour / Does your church have an evangelist? / Putting Jesus first in a world of pleasures / Send help. My husband believes in me / and more.

  • Unite in Prayer with Persecuted Believers

    This week the blog is sponsored by Help The Persecuted. “Can I have a Bible?” The guard studied Qasem. “If you paint the walls of every cell in this prison, I’ll get you a Bible.” “Where is the paint?” And so Qasem, enduring what would ultimately be a three-year sentence for running house churches throughout…

  • Tell Me

    Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

    If you have spent any time at all on YouTube, you have probably seen videos of people hearing for the first time or people seeing color for the first time—videos of people who, through the miracles of modern science, have senses restored that had either been missing altogether or that had become dull through illness…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (February 26)

    A La Carte: How not to apply the Bible / 30 people in the New Testament confirmed / Taylor Swift and Christianity / But I did everything right / 10 reasons the Old Testament matters to Christians / Kindle deals / and more.