Weekend A La Carte (October 24)

My thanks goes to Thomas Nelson for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their sale on all sorts of great material by John MacArthur. You can find out more here.

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Yesterday I shared a review of Ligonier’s new A Field Guide on False Teaching. As it happens, it’s on sale now, in single copies and multiples, at Westminster Books.

Today’s Kindle deals include some classics, a study Bible, and more.

Principles for Flourishing

Ben Franks has shared an interesting series of articles on contraception which he examines under the wider heading of flourishing. “Even in situations where contraception is used, its use should be for the goal of fruitfulness and flourishing. When these biblical principles of flourishing are applied in the context of the biblical paradigm of marital fruitfulness, then Christians are equipped to make wise decisions for the glory of God and the growth of His people.”

When Satan’s in the Church…

“I sometimes fear that there is a willful naïveté in the church with regard to the presence and power of Satan.” I think that’s a legitimate fear.

Boys Cannot Be Girls

Writing for DG, Sharon James writes about some of the craziness that has swept over our society over the past few years. “How did we get here? If you control the language, you control the debate. ‘Gender theory’ has gained acceptance by constructing a false vocabulary. The word gender has been hijacked. It’s sometimes used simply to describe the social roles enacted by men and women, but those social roles arise from, and are linked to, the physical reality of being male or female.”

Honor Thy Boomer

The Boomer generation is catching a lot of grief (and mockery) from younger folk. “There I go avocado-toasting. Well, I’m Gen-X, which means I have Zoomers in my life. They critique my generation’s parenting with such barbs as only teens have the omniscience to hone. Soon they’ll make the jump from judging parenting to judging public policy, and how sharper than a serpent’s tooth that will be.” (Note: one bad word.)

Meet the TikTok Generation of Televangelists

Christianity Today writes about the highs and lows of trying to use TikTok for evangelistic purposes.

Christian, This is How You Can Stand Firm in Dark Days

“There is a view of the world that looks at currents events and says, ‘It all comes down to you, Christian. You’re the last line of defense. So, you’d better not mess up.’ There’s a kind of preaching that rolls the weight of the world onto the shoulders of Christian believers. It places people under an intolerable burden—a burden you cannot possibly bear. But Scripture does not leave us with an intolerable burden. Instead, it gives us wonderful confidence in Almighty God and wisdom for discerning how to stand firm in the darkest days of our lives.”

Why You Can Trust the Bible

It’s quite simple, really…

Flashback: Protecting Your Children From Predators

“Protecting Your Children From Predators” attempts to arm parents with a knowledge of how predators think and operate and with a plan to defeat them.

There cannot be any other work in this world which a man can do which will excuse him at God’s eternal judgment bar for having neglected the care of his own home and the training of his own children! —J.R. Miller