Weekend A La Carte (September 7)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Parent Love and Grandparent Love)

Faithfulness Is Not Theologically Complicated

Greg Koukl makes the point that “on a host of culturally charged moral and spiritual issues, faithfulness is not theologically complicated. Why, then, are many who claim to be Christians foundering on fundamentals with such regularity? I think there are two reasons.”

Why Pro-Life Christians (and LGBTQ Activists) Should Reject ‘Born This Way’ Ideology

Joe Carter: “A new study highlights why both Christians and LGBTQ activists should reject biological explanations for homosexuality.” There are pretty significant ramifications to this.

The Offensively Ordinary Steps to Godliness

“If you are in Christ, God has placed in your heart a hunger for holiness. Holiness is no longer the cramped closet you thought it was, but rather a garden of pleasures, an echo from heaven, the beauty of Eden rediscovered. You are not content merely to be counted righteous in Christ (glorious as that is); you yearn also to become righteous like Christ. You want to be holy as he is holy.”

The Essence of the Calvinistic Life

Well, in short, “The essence of the Calvinistic life is living in such a way as to glorify God.” So says Sinclair Ferguson.

Pulpit Pointers from Past Preachers

Nathan Busenitz offers “ten reminders for those who preach and teach the Word of God, as confirmed by some of history’s greatest preachers.”

Islandia (Video)

This is a beautiful drone-based view of Iceland.

In Dorian’s Wake

WORLD writes about some of the Christian aid organizations mobilizing in the wake of Dorian.

Flashback: The Curse of a Godly Wife

No husband or father leads because he is worthy of it. No one is adequate to the task. Each one of us falls short in a million ways. Each one of us goes beyond the edge of our abilities every single day. We can’t do it. But we must do it anyway.

We honor the Spirit with our reliance, not with our self-centered know-how. —Jared Wilson