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Weekend A La Carte (September 8)


After a bit of a dry spell there are some new and interesting Kindle deals for you to check out. They include books by R.C. Sproul, Michael Horton, and others.

(Yesterday on the blog: No Excuses for Preaching Bad Sermons)

What do People Mean by ‘Coming Into the Presence of God’?

The phrase is used a lot, but have we thought about what it really means? “Here, then, is the conundrum regarding this talk of God’s presence. If God’s special presence is already within us, God’s covenant relationship between himself and his people is sealed by the Spirit taking up residence in our hearts, what other presence are we hoping for? How can God be any more specially present with us than, as he is, dwelling within us?”

5 Reasons You Should Preach through Esther

We have been reading Esther in our family devotions; here’s an article on why pastors should consider preaching it.

Will We Work and Have Jobs in Heaven?

I sure hope so! “Even under the Curse, we catch glimpses of how work can be enriching, how it can build relationships, and how it can help us to improve. Work stretches us in ways that make us smarter, wiser, and more fulfilled.”

The Power of the Coffee Date

“What if I told you of one simple activity that could decrease conflict and increase unity in your home? In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this habit has been a huge blessing to our relationship.” Perhaps this is a practice that would benefit your marriage.

Certainty, Openness and Theological Wisdom

“May we become more certain where we’ve been too open, and more open where we’ve been too certain, according to the totality of Scripture. And where it seems helpful to provide further definition on our own authority, may we do so with candor, gentleness, and humility.”

The Jaw-Dropping Story Behind an NFL Coach’s Search For His Family

This is an amazing story. It may not seem it when you start out, so stick with it and you’ll get the pay-off.

Flashback: The High Calling of Bringing Order From Chaos

There are many things we do in this world that grow wearisome over the course of a lifetime. Near the top of the heap may just be the constant battle to bring order from chaos.

Here’s How Christian Audio Book Summaries Help You Learn More…in Less Time

This week the blog is sponsored by Books at a Glance. Now, thanks to Books At a Glance, you’ll be able to read and learn more…in less time because of their in-depth book summaries. Click here to see a list of their book summaries.) I continue to be thankful for each and every sponsor of the blog.

We don’t find happiness by seeking it. We find happiness by seeking God.

—Darryl Dash

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    The Three Greatest Enemies of Marriage

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    Sunday Devotional: Your Best and Worst Days

    There can be a subtle danger that comes with a long focus on the spiritual disciplines and the building of good habits. If we are not careful, we can begin to take a kind of comfort in our habits that makes us think they are what makes us acceptable to God. Even though we know…

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    Molded in the Master’s Hands

    Peter lives in the shadow of Paul. When we think of the early church, when we think of the Apostles, when we think of the doctrine of the New Testament, our minds probably go first to Paul. And perhaps rightly so, since he is responsible for the majority of the didactic parts of the New…

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