Announcing Advance! and Aging Gracefully

I am excited to announce that we have released two new booklets in the Cruciform Quick series. Advance! and Aging Gracefully are both professionally-edited, improved adaptations of blog series I wrote a couple of years. Each booklet is ideal for individual reading or for use in a group setting.

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Advance! is geared toward a younger audience and I wrote it with youth and young adult groups in mind. The purpose of the booklet is to help young adults make the best use of these younger years. They need to learn to be like Jesus and make a careful and deliberate advance into life. Like the Savior, they need to advance in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. The booklet has study questions at the end of each chapter and could easily form the curriculum for a dorm, youth group, or peer study. (Visit Cruciform Press to purchase or learn more)

Aging Gracefully is written for an older demographic and came out of my reflections on crossing the 40 barrier. As we age, we need to consider the Bible’s specific instructions to those who are, well, no longer as young as we once were. We need to learn to age gracefully, age wisely, and age resolutely to the glory of God. This booklet is meant to help us all do that. (Visit Cruciform Press to purchase or learn more)

These two booklets are part of a series we have published with Cruciform Press. Other titles include: Set an ExampleThe Character of the Christian, and The Commandment We Forgot. Study guides and teaching slides for these three booklets are available at the Visual Theology site.