A Pastoral Prayer

Every now and again I like to share an example of a pastoral prayer from Grace Fellowship Church. I do this because there are few examples of pastoral prayers online and I thought these may serve to inspire themes, passages, or ideas as other pastors and elders prepare to lead their churches in prayer. Here is one pastor Paul Martin prayed before our church not too long ago (on a Sunday when we had the pleasure of ordaining three men to the ministry).

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Lord, we know that pastors are a gift from you, so we are feeling very humbled and happy today that you have gifted us with three more. You have blessed us with three men whose lives are full of godliness and who have the necessary gift and calling to serve us in this way. Thank you for this.

Our church has seen many men raised up and sent out over the years, but none of them were fit for this office without the assistance and character of their wives. So, we thank you for [wives’ names]. We know these sisters are not taking an office today, but their husbands could not if they were not so supportive of them. So, bless these dear sisters. Give them the joy of serving the church as pastors’ wives. We ask that you would grant them grace to free up their husbands in seasons of need, to help them to carry burdens they do not know all the facts about, and to remind their husbands of the gospel through the years.

And Lord, help the members of this church to love these men, especially as they are new to their office. Give us patience with them as they begin to serve. Help us to pray for them often, knowing that their spiritual maturity will be a direct blessing to us all. Give us a love for them that hopes, believes and endures all things.

Help us existing elders to love these men, to make their shepherding easy, to give them many opportunities and to serve them with wisdom and love. Strengthen our cooperation and unity and trust for one another. Bless us with humble camaraderie. Keep us all from straying from Your Word in decisions, desires and direction.

Father, we pray for churches all over our city that lack pastors. Won’t you continue to raise up men to serve the local church in this capacity? Put it in the hearts of existing pastors to train up more and more men. If it be your will, take from us to give to them. Build your church in Toronto and across our country. Equip and strengthen your most beautiful bride.

And Lord, thank you for the deacons that serve in our church. We are so blessed to have deacons that take on so many duties in order to free up the elders to care for the sheep of this church in Word and prayer. Bless them in their ministry and, if it be your will, give us more deacons, too!

I thank you for every member of this church. Thank you for their commitment, conviction and consecration. Thank you for the time they have invested in helping to affirm these three men. Thank you for filling this church with humble saints who want to follow their shepherds. Their obedience and submission makes our service full of joy, not full of groaning!

Father, make your name glorious among us today. We want to be all taken up with you. We are not meeting here today like this is some graduation ceremony or something like that. We are not celebrating achievements or the like. We are acknowledging that you are great, and that you have been remarkably kind to us. And we believe with these gifts come much responsibility. So, make us good and faithful stewards of all you have given, Lord. All of us.

Make our church nothing, and yourself everything. Amen.