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A Summertime Family Update (And Guess Who’s Going To Be a Grandfather!)


It has been quite a while since I provided a family update, and this seemed like just the time. I guess the leading news here is that Lord willing, I will soon be a grandfather! More on that in a moment.

We have just enjoyed a nice family vacation together. It was a sweet and relaxing time. In some ways, it felt like an especially well-earned vacation since the kids have just finished up school (some forever and some for the year) and Aileen and I have been working hard at home and away. The Lord is kind to give us times of rest.

As soon as the vacation drew to a close, I headed to Albania to speak at a conference here. Beginning today and continuing through the weekend, Alistair Begg and I will be speaking together about the centrality of the local church and the kingdom of God. This is my first time in Albania and I am enjoying getting to know the believers here. This brings my spring conference season to an end, but along the way, I spoke at events in New Jersey, Alberta, British Columbia, and Texas, plus a few locations closer to home. I have a couple of other brief trips coming up to record material with Paul Tripp and GriefShare. More on that in a future update.

Aileen continues to work part-time for our neighbor who is in real estate. Her boss gives her lots of flexibility which allows her to join me on some of my speaking trips—something we both enjoy. In a few days, she will head down to Louisville to help Abby and Nate pack up their little apartment.

Speaking of which, Abby and Nate both graduated from Boyce College (in Louisville) in early May, Abby with a degree in Biblical Counseling and Nate with a degree in Business. With their education complete, they are moving to Canada (which for Abby is moving home and for Nate is immigrating). They have secured an apartment near us and Nate has secured a job. Most exciting of all, they are expecting a baby in November! This is very happy news and Aileen and I are thrilled to begin the grandparenting stage. Abby has just gotten through her first trimester so it’s still early days. But so far, apart from the inevitable morning sickness, she is doing well.

Michaela began college at what was essentially a year ahead of schedule but thrived there relationally, spiritually, and educationally. She just completed her freshman year at Boyce College as she also works toward a degree in Biblical Counseling. She is home for the summer and is splitting her time between two administrative jobs. She recently turned 18 which means that all of our children are now adults. That seems significant!

Ryn (Nick’s fiancée) continues to be part of our family and we were glad that she could vacation with us. She still lives in Louisville and has begun work at a mental health and addiction facility—a new job and one she is enjoying.

As for me, I continue to press on with various writing projects. Last year Tim Keesee and I traveled far and wide for our Worship Round the World project and this year we are writing the book and putting together the documentary. That will all be complete by the end of the year and set for release in September 2025. I also have a book called Pilgrim Prayers releasing later this year and Eric’s Greatest Race, a graphic novel on the life of Eric Liddell, releasing next spring. So there is always lots in the works!

In the meantime, I need to turn my attention to this conference and the people here who are eager to hear the Word. Thanks for reading!

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