Headlines (December 18)

Shootout At The Crystal Corral – On Thursday an employee of the Crystal Cathedral, home of heretic Robert Schuller, opened fire inside the Cathedral before barricading himself in a bathroom. Police officials attempting to talk him into surrendering, but he eventually shot himself, ending the holdout. There were no other casualties. The man was apparently known for exhibiting self-destructive behavior. “The 78-year-old Schuller, who was at home when the shooting occurred, came to the command post police set up near the cathedral and taped a personal message for the man, with whom he is acquainted. Police did not have the chance to play the message from Schuller or another message from the man’s wife, but they did play him a message from a friend who had successfully intervened in past cases where the man had become despondent, Prince said.” You can read more here.

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Mother Murdered, Baby Stolen – Here is one from the sicko files. Some depraived individual murdered a pregnant woman, cut the baby from her stomach and kidnapped the child. A few hours later police found a child they believe is the one who was kidnapped and they are awaiting DNA identification. The child is healthy. The murdered woman is also survived by her husband who was immediately ruled out as a suspect. While it is truly awful that his wife was murdered, what joy in sorrow it must have been to know that his child had been found alive and well.

The Puritan HopeThe Puritan Hope by Iain Murray has recently been added to Revival Library’s online catalogue and is available to read free of charge. Personally I have a lot of trouble reading book-length documents on a screen, but I know some people enjoy it. If interested you can read it here. If it is by Murray it is bound to be excellent.

Saying Thank You – James White has adopted the habit of, whenever he sees a soldier, to go that person, shake his hand, and thank him for his service. Feel free to replace those masculine pronouns with feminine if necessary. “I’ve seen weary soldiers coming home rejuvenated. I’ve seen tears form in eyes that have seen things I will never see. “You have no idea how much that means to me” is a fairly common response.” I think that is a great idea. I wonder what would happen if we all took the opportunity to deliberately thank the people we rely on but so very seldom take the time to thank – police officers who protect us, pastors who teach us, parents who spend hours on their knees before the throne on our behalf. Of course in Canada it is near impossible to thank a soldier as I literally have not seen a member of the Canadian military for many, many years now, but I have seen a pastor, a cop and a parent!