A La Carte (01/20)

Friday January 20, 2006

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Blogspotting: That Chad Allen topic continues to garner interest. Among those who linked to it yesterday were Agape Press and Al Mohler. Dr. Mohler says, “I believe that the makers of this movie made a very reckless decision in casting Chad Allen as Nate and Steve Saint.”

Blogs: In what seems to be another blogging publicity stunt, Calvinst Gadfly announces that his blog may not be dead yet. Details will be forthcoming.

Humor: WestJet, a Canadian airline, is offering free flights to anyone with the same surname as the party leaders in our upcoming federal election. My friend Paul, who shares a name with our Prime Minister, intends to take advantange.

Weird: Mark Driscoll discusses his day spent with the Schuller family. “I walked away convicted that despite our differences I had been mentored in such things as hospitality, love, and encouragement. I would like to thank Dr. Schuller for his kindness to me and congratulate him on his half-century of ministry at the Crystal Cathedral on this, the final week of his tenure as senior pastor.”