King for a Week – Fide-O

King for a Week is an honor I bestow on blogs that I feel are making a valuable contribution to my faith and the faith of other believers. Every week I select a blog, link to it from my site, and add that site’s most recent headlines to my left sidebar. While this is really not much, I do feel that it allows me to encourage and support other bloggers while making my readers aware of other good sites.

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I apologize that I am a little late with announcing this, but I had one of those busy weeks! However, I did put the link to this week’s recipient in the right sidebar on Tuesday as I always do. This week the King for a Week honor goes to Fide-O, the blog of Jason Robertson and Scott Hill. I believe I first became aware of the Fide-O boys when they engaged in a virtual tussle with Richard Abanes right about the time that he and I were also engaged in debate. I have since come to enjoy and appreciate their writing and their collective wisdom (though, like many of these other blogs, I have no idea why anyone would wish to purchase a t-shirt emblazoned with their logo!). Their emphasis seems to be, similar to mine, exploring the relationship of biblical, Reformed theology to modern evangelicalism and current events.

For the next few days you will be able to see the most recent headlines from Fide-O in the sidebar of my site. I hope you will make your way over to the site and look around.

I continue to accept nominations for King of the Week. If you have a site you would like to nominate, feel free to do so by clicking on the “suggest” button below the King of the Week box. Thanks to those of you who nominated this week’s honoree.