“The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment” Blog Tour (Day 7)

The blog tour for The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment marches on and today makes a stop at Between Two Worlds, the blog of Justin Taylor. Chances are that if you read my blog, you also read Justin’s or are, at the very least, familiar with it. Justin’s site is an indispensable source for news and good links to other resources and it’s a blog I recommend above just about any other.

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Here is what Justin asked me:

As the World’s Most Famous Canadian Reformed Blogger, you seek to practice discernment as you critically engage culture and review books. Having now extensively studied the concept of biblical discernment, I wonder what implications you think this has for “discernment blogging”? In part, I’m thinking of “watchdog” blogs and bloggers that have “discernment” as their primary focus. Speaking generally, what are they doing right, and where do they need correction?

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Here again is the schedule for this tour.

January 7 Evangelical Outpost
January 8 Tall Skinny Kiwi
January 9 A-Team
January 10 Adrian Warnock
January 11 Gender Blog
January 14 Jollyblogger
January 15 Between Two Worlds
January 16 TeamPyro
January 17 Michael Spencer
January 18 Church Matters
January 21 SharperIron