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Book Review – The Murder of Jesus

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While I admire John MacArthur for his doctrinal orthodoxy and his willingness to stand for Biblical truth, however unpopular that may make him, what I most admire about him is his remarkable ability to teach from the Scriptures. I have found few people who are better able to carefully and accurately exposit God’s Word. Because of this ee has become one of my most trusted teachers.

The Murder of Jesus showcases exactly what I most admire about MacArthur. The Murder of Jesus is a fascinating study of last hours of Jesus’ life, beginning with the Last Supper and concluding with his death. It is no coincidence that I decided to read this book around the time that The Passion of the Christ was released for it covers the same period of time, though in far greater detail and with superior accuracy. The book is filled with interesting insights concerning the plot to kill Jesus and the way the story unfolded. The author’s research leads us through all of the gospels, many of the prophecies concerning Jesus’ death and even into the writings of early historians. While he covers the events, he also shows the theological importance of each of them, whether there were in fulfillment of prophecies or because they supported Jesus’ claim to divinity.

I would unreservedly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of Jesus’ death. If you have seen The Passion of the Christ and are looking for answers to your questions about the movie, you could not do much better than this book – it is the best treatment of the subject I have found outside of the Bible.

Title: The Murder of Jesus
Author: John MacArthur
Published: 2000

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