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Deep Answers to Real Questions about Attraction, Identity, and Relationships

Deep Answers to Real Questions about Attraction, Identity, and Relationships

It can’t be easy to be a young person today. I suppose it never has been, but it seems that today’s teens and young adults are forced to grapple with especially difficult questions. If that’s true of many different areas, it’s most notably true when it comes to matters of attraction, identity, and relationships. What was once crystal clear has become woefully muddy.

Jennifer Kvamme has worked with students for many years and is accustomed to helping them work through some of the big questions—questions related to sexuality, identity, intimacy, orientation, and so on. “I’ve watched middle schoolers grow into adults, listened as they shared their deepest struggles and highest joys, and seen Jesus heal pain and transform lives. I’ve heard their questions about God, life, and yes, sex. And I’ve grieved as I’ve watched students walk away from the church because they sensed judgment and exclusion and didn’t see how Jesus could be good news for them.”

And that is exactly what led her to write More to the Story—a book that is aimed squarely at an audience of teens and young adults. The title hints at where she begins the book—by explaining how God is telling a story in this world and how in that story sexuality is a glimpse of something deeper and more consequential. She traces the familiar storyline of the Bible to show that the God who created the world is now redeeming the world. And she explains how even our sexuality is a part of God’s design and his good plan.

With such groundwork in place, she devotes the rest of the book to ten big questions: Why does God care what I do with my body (if I’m not hurting anyone)? What am I supposed to do with such strong feelings of sexual desire? Why does it matter what pronouns I use? Why is sex “good” in marriage but “bad” before it? Along the way, she covers identity, gender, singleness, pornography, dating, abuse, and more.

Written from the perspective of a mentor to a younger person, Kvamme offers a perspective on sexuality that is firmly grounded in the Bible. She writes with compassion and concern but never wavers in her conviction that God’s way is the best way. She shows how the Bible is the only trustworthy guide for sexuality and that the best life is the one that is deeply submitted to the Lord. This is a book that can guide young people through the many fictions of the modern world to ensure they know there is much more to the story than they have been told.

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