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There is an incredible article on BBC News about a new kind of ultrasound that is revealing stunning new information about children in the womb. This new scanning method produces detailed, 3-dimensional pictures of fetuses.

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Lo and behold, it seems that these fetuses display behavior that can only be described as human at much earlier ages than experts had previously thought. The man who developed this technology says “his work has been able to show for the first time that the unborn baby engages in complex behaviour from an early stage of its development. ” He has found that fetuses as young as 12 weeks old kick, stretch and move around in the womb. While previously experts believed that babies could not smile until several weeks after birth, we now know that they can smile as soon as the 26th week after conception.

Do yourself a favor and read the article. And even better, check out the Photo Gallery. Looking at those little babies I just marvel at the greatness of the God we serve.