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Abortion Survivors

An interesting little article in the Telegraph caught my eye this morning. British doctors have been debating the appropriate response if a fetus survives a late-term abortion. Apparently it is not unheard of for fetuses as young as 24 or even 23 weeks to survive the attempt to snuff out their lives. When this happens, ” guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for late abortions stated that the foetus should be given a lethal injection to the heart before it was delivered as the intention was that the baby would not survive.” So even if the baby survives, the doctor is then to immediately euthenize the child.

On the other side of the debate, some doctors say that if the child survives it has the same rights as any other living human being and should be given full treatment.

Now I don’t present this article as an example of the absolutely disgusting amorality of those who perform abortions – I am sure we have already formed such opinions in our minds. What I find so incredible is the example of compounding sin. The human heart is so despicable, so corrupt, that it will continue to pile sin upon sin. It is like a child who sneaks out of the house, then compounds his sin by committing a crime and then compounds it further by lying about it. Sin after sin after sin. And these doctors are much the same as they dig their graves deeper and deeper. And what’s more, their sins become more and more bold in their attempts to contradict God’s laws.

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